Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remember, remember the pumpkin-y splendor!

This year’s Pumpkin Challenge brought many new discoveries that will work their way into the regular pumpkin rotation. I learned the wonder of Snap O' Lantern ice cream—pumpkin and gingersnap cookie dough—which I will attempt to duplicate. Drooooool. I actually ate pumpkin pie before Halloween for the first year of the Pumpkin Challenge. My best friend’s addition of pumpkin to chili made for a very colorful flavor. Pumpkin fudge brownies are, unsurprisingly, incredible. My pumpkin macaroni and cheese was revered by one friend as the best macaroni and cheese she had ever had. And for the first time I put my homemade pumpkin ice cream on top of my pumpkin bread pudding with euphoric results.

In short, this fourth year of the Pumpkin Challenge may have yielded the lowest number of pumpkin items consumed yet—a total of 18 this year as compared to last year’s 30—but was not by any means a washout. I’m wondering how other participants fared. Did anyone beat me?

Here’s my list: Snap O' Lantern ice cream*, pumpkin cream cheese muffin, pumpkin scone*, pumpkin pie*, pumpkin doughnut, pumpkin bread pudding, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin chili*, pumpkin bagel poppers*, pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin fudge brownies*, pumpkin biscuit cookies with cinnamon frosting*, pumpkin quiche, pumpkin cream cheese loaf*, pumpkin tarts with cream cheese frosting*, pumpkin and roasted walnut manicotti*, chewy pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin macaroni and cheese*

*Items that were not consumed in previous Pumpkin Challenges.
Italicized items were my homemade by yours truly. Need any recipes?
Each year, different people help me on my quest by forwarding recipes, buying me irresistible foods they see while shopping and sharing special meals with me. Thanks to everyone who took on this important and noble role. That being said, this years MVPP (“Most Valuable Pumpkin Provider”) Award goes to my parents who helped me get the pumpkin rolling this year by treating me to tasty treats and canned pumpkin for cooking. Thanks, fam!

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Rebecca said...

I want the recipe for the pumpkin macaroni and cheese!

I didn't keep as close tabs as you did, but I made pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice mini cupcakes with a cinnamon icing, and (though it doesn't involve eating) cut the tops out of little mini pumpkins and put tea lights in them to make festive votives.