Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

When I visited my cousin this past summer, I was quite impressed by what a good host she was: she took me to the best ice cream place in Madison, WI. Students at University of Wisconsin are not the only people to be blessed by Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. They distribute many Midwestern states, including exotic locations like Andersonville in Chicago. Yes, their product is sourced by George’s, my neighborhood enabler, to which I recently made my autumnal waddle for Snap O’ Lantern ice cream (pumpkin ice cream with gingersnap cookie dough).

The company makes over 100 flavors available for wholesale. This translated into some exciting options at the hometown scoop shop. Coconut Almond Bliss (my favorite), Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (Raspberry cheesecake with Oreos and chocolate chips) and—be still my beating heart—Horchata! (It has been in the back of my mind for years to do a blog post about horchata, but I want to try it at every place in Chicago first…which is nearly impossible.)

Another appealing element of this super premium ice cream is their nutrition information. And I quote: “Don’t even ask…You want nutrition, eat carrots.”

Note from 2012: Here is the blog post I eventually did about horchata.

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