Friday, March 23, 2012

The Continuing Fight to Save Chicago Ice Cream

This past summer, there was pandemonium in the Chicago ice cream community. The state of Illinois began enforcing laws that require small mom-and-pop ice cream makers to purchase expensive and unnecessary equipment. The issue in question is stove-top pasteurization, a cost-effective method widely accepted in the industry as being safe. Health and safety are not endangered by the use of this technique, but the state is halting production of the companies that use it, starting with Nice Cream. Bureaucratic red tape shutting down small businesses is the last thing we need in this economy. Unfortunately, the struggle continues.

This week I received a note (and button!) from Nice Cream founder, Kris Swanberg:

Thank you so much for donating to the Nice Cream Kickstarter project last year. When we found that we were going to have to stop production because of state licensing we were totally and completely devastated. Because of you and others like you we are making our way toward getting this changed and being back in business.

You can help! Go to the Nice Cream website for instructions for writing the Governor of Illinois and an Illinois State Representative.

UPDATE (6/14/13): Back in October, I emailed Kris asking if the business had folded since the website appeared to be down, not to mention their inactivity on Facebook and Twitter. For these reasons, the total lack of any coverage of Nice Cream dated after 2011 and the lack of a response to my email, I think one can assume that Nice Cream is gone forever. What a sad and terrible turn.

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