Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Word About My Hiatus

For 7 years (2008-2015), I consistently wrote 37 blog entries per year. At first, that number occurred by chance when I happened to reach the same number two years in a row. After that it was habitual, giving me a reasonable goal that numerically matched my own personal desire to compose blog entries amongst the many other creative projects I immerse myself in. Some bloggers post daily (or more), while I've always taken the quality of quantity approach. (Zing!)

I began this blog as a way to continue writing after college. No one was asking me to write papers—much less plays—and the bulk of my inspiration jumped tracks from playwriting/directing to songwriting/lyricism. The blog kept me in close touch with words without the constraints of a rhythmic pulse. I am fully capable of rambling on about most anything I know remotely anything about, so I'd likely be able to write at length about any topic; dessert, specifically ice cream, was simply a topic I was consistently asked about. It made sense to write about my niche subject of expertise. Besides, there were enough blogs covering entrees already.

Over the past two years, I’ve been privileged enough to travel all over the continental United States, both for work and for pleasure. In each city, I have done my usual gastronomic exploring, letting my sweet tooth lead the way. In dessert blogging, we call this “research.” (In my career, we call this "expenses.") On these travels, I have been putting in far more time researching than documenting my tasty, tasty findings. hence the decreased regularity of blog posts.

Moving forward, I foresee myself being far less rigid on the frequency of my blogging. But, never fear, friends—it is primarily my existing friends that arrive here—I’m always happy to give a dessert recommendation on anywhere you may be traveling. The search bar is always available here and I’m always good for a text or Facebook exchange.

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Brad said...

Still reading the ones you do post though!