Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back in Business

Free ice cream!
Ice Cream Theatre. It has been a dream of mine for some time now, realized in Seattle company Emerald City Scene's ambitious evening of world premiere one-acts, The Shark and The Worm. Everyone in attendance receives free ice cream from an authentically-dressed ice cream person. But why ice cream? There is one part during The Worm where a bumbling country grandpa compares the discontent of being without ice cream to his friend’s struggles with cancer. This may sound rude and abrasive, but I assure you it is not. Another thing it is NOT is “to be missed.” Catch The Shark and The Worm in its final performances of its extended run at Stone Soup Theatre, 4035 Stone Way N, Seattle. Runs Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Buy tickets early!

Free Gelato!
My favorite Gelato place in Seattle, Gelatiamo offered free gelato scoops to anyone who came in between 11 and 1 today. And not just little one scoops; two scoops. There were lines around the corner of happy smiling people waiting patiently for sweet, sweet free gelato. Being a socially conscious sort, I made sure to leave a tip in support of the cause. Big ups to Rachel S. for the tip.

Cheap ice cream! (Almost!)
Yesterday, Baskin Robbins shops across the nation (except Seattle, apparently) participated in 31 Cent Scoop Night in recognition of America’s firefighters. Baskin Robbins, perhaps pondering “The Ethics of Ice Cream,” made a donation of $100,000 to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation , which “remembers America’s fallen heroes and assists their families.” The shop I sought out, however, was not participating. (There was fine print anyway: “Limit 10 scoops per person.”) Still, there was a long line of people, all disappointed, but still needing a fix. I recommend Love Potion #31 .


Ben said...

General comment - I STILL cannot find Chubby Hubby by Ben and Jerry's ANYWHERE. I insist you solve my problem.

Brad said...

Using Ben and Jerry's Flavor Locator, my search reaped the following dealers in your drug of choice:

Safeway, 3020 NE 45th St, (206) 522-8350
Safeway, 4732 Brooklyn Ave NE, (206) 522-4565
Walgreens, 1205 NE 50th St, (206) 204-0145
Safeway, 7340 35th Ave NE, (206) 524-7064
Safeway, 7300 Roosevelt Way NE, (206) 525-6348
Walgreens, 500 15th Ave E, (206) 709-4569

I guess the fancy, local chains in your neighborhood don't carry Chubby Hubby.

Hope this helps!