Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice cream is a beloved thing.

A while back, I wrote that based on findings in my research "Ice cream is not punk." This was not the only disturbing discovery in my research: artists from other genres also said slanderous things about my favorite topic.

Gandhi said that we should be the chump we wish to see in the world. Finally, I have done just that. I just released a short collection of fun songs for FREE download entitled Robot Monkey Reindeer Clown. These are songs I've written for prompts and assignments, both professional and theatrical. You can hear my shout-out to ice-to-the-cream if you listen carefully (especially you, ladies) to the lyrics of "Welcome to Musical Storytime!"

Though it may not be an album full of love letters to my frozen delight, it is a point for our side. Go team.

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Brian said...

Also, I think Rivers Cuomo felt guilty about his anti- ice cream stance. The song "Put Me Back Together" from "Raditude" has these lyrics:

And when I daydream
We're eating ice cream
It's such a nice scene
But then I wake up crying
I know I've just been lying

All that makes his daydream complete is his girl and his ice cream!