Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Graham Cracker Ice Cream

The indentation in the center was from eating it nose first.
This flavor idea has been on my list for close to a decade, following my introduction to the graham cracker-themed Crumbs Along the Mohawk during my first summer internship in Williamstown, MA. The next year, the first thing I did upon arriving in the Berkshires was buy that flavor and two other half gallons from Stewart's Shops. For that flavor and others, they remain a favorite among regional ice cream manufacturers.

Graham Cracker ice cream

2 cups whipping cream
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
12-14 graham crackers (or half a box), slap chopped
dash of cinnamon
dash of cinnamon sugar
(opt.) additional graham crackers, for topping
(opt.) dark chocolate covered graham crackers, for garnish and pregame eating

1.) Mix ingredients together. The challenge is balance: make sure the cinnamon doesn't completely overpower the smell of the graham in the mixture. Adjust graham crackers accordingly, but don't put too many in or it will soak up all the liquid.
2.) Chill overnight. Both you and the mixture.
3.) Put in ice cream maker. The mixture, not you.
4.) Eat and share.
5.) Receive accolades.

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