Friday, March 15, 2013

This Pie is a Portkey

Third (Almost) Annual Pi(e) Day Pot Luck & House Concert, 2013
"This pie is a portkey." This was the label on the first guest's tasty cntribution, promising accurately that the evening's contact with pie would transport the evening's guests to a different place. Offering far more sweet than savory (save my corned beef and cabbage shepherd's pie and another guest's spanokopita), some highlights included coconut pie, tiramisu pie, apple-pecan pie with a cinnamon roll crust, strawberry-chocolate pie and coconut pie. Another crowd favorite had one foot in the savory category and the other in the sweet: blueberry, goat cheese and basil pie.

The night was magnificent. The music was good, thanks to Liz Chidester. And the pie transported us.

Only 364 more days until Pi(e) Day 2014!

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Nathan Wright said...

Brad, this is Natious. It is dangerous for me to read your blog when I do not have something delicious in front of me. I turn into a large angry green man not unlike the Hulk. This is mostly a PSA.
Don't ever stop being awesome!