Friday, February 21, 2014

Top Ten Firecakes Doughnuts

How much is that doughnut in the window?
This week, Firecakes Donuts is celebrating its one-year anniversary. In honor of this, they are holding a promotion (Feb. 21 - 28) where every box of doughnuts (half-dozen or more) will include a sealed envelope with secret and wonderful contents. While most envelopes will contain a coupon for a free old fashioned, three will contain a "Golden Donut" good for free doughnuts for a year!

Since they have been my favorite doughnut shop in Chicago since they opened, I am a bit of an authority on their menu. I thought I would help out whomever finds the "Golden Donut" by introducing him or her to the Top Ten doughnuts Firecakes has to offer.

1.) Strawberry Mascarpone - This seasonal doughnut is the best in Chicago and easily top three in my life. A doughnut lightly stuffed with strawberry mascarpone, glazed and topped with two strawberries. Light, sweet, perfect, fresh. Get them while you can this week!
2.) Valrhona Chocolate Iced - You'll be tempted to get the Triple Valrhona Chocolate Cake doughnut instead, but stay simple and go classic. The best chocolate icing to be found on a doughnut because it actually tastes like chocolate, not just shiny black sugar.
3.) Meyers Lemon - Lemon is a category of doughnut I usually ignore, but Firecakes shut me up when they premiered this doughnut toward the end of 2013. Nothing canned about this tiny delicacy.
4.) Chocolate Hazelnut Long John - Not as Nutella-y as one might expect, but this doughnut still contains the maximum amount of richness a person could actually handle.
Strawberry Mascarpone: The best doughnut in Chicago.
5.) Donut Ice Cream Sandwich - A glazed doughnut split open and filled with a rotating menu of homemade gelato.
6.) Honey Glazed - Eating this, you will understand what every other doughnut place was trying to do.
7.) Peanut Butter Cup - This peanut butter cream-filled doughnut that makes me forgive all the less-than-dessert-y peanut butter things I've consumed over the years. And that glorious chocolate on top.
8.) Old Fashioned Buttermilk - The first non-yeast doughnut on this list...and the only Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Doughnut I've wanted to order again. Has a streak of something carmel-y in it.
9.) Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie - This pumpkin cake doughnut with pumpkin mousse and caramelized pecan was memorable even after pumpkin season was over. Mmm...pumpkin season.
10.) Maple Glazed Pineapple & Bacon - The tart pineapple helps this bacon doughnut transcend the grease bomb most doughnut shops serve up.

Sorry, but our princess is in another castle.
"But, wait," you ask, "why not list a full dozen?"

Good question! Because I didn't win (see photo -->) and you're sharing with know, for helping you out with my recommendations. Thanks in advance!

Happy anniversary, Firecakes! Can't wait to see what great doughnuts you think of next!

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