Friday, August 29, 2014

Minneapolis: Ice Cream from the Market

View northwest from the Guthrie's Endless Bridge.
This post is part of a series celebrating my new favorite ice cream destination, Minneapolis.

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During Saturdays on the riverfront, throngs of people make their way to the Mill City Farmers Market. Tucked between the Guthrie Theatre and the Mill City Museum (a stone's throw from Izzy's Ice Cream) market-goers can buy produce, eat delicious food and become frustrated by Salty Tart Bakery's elusive, always sold-out stuffed brioche. And while they're in the area, market-goers can also enjoy the riverfront by day, walking along the Mississippi, trekking across one of the two pedestrian bridges or taking in the view from above on the Guthrie's "Endless Bridge." But after enjoying the summer sun, a market-goer will need to cool down.

Before the dripping mess.
Perusing the flavors at the Sonny's Ice Cream Cart, I knew I was in good hands. After trying some samples, I wondered if those hands had been touched by the divine. After eating a triple scoop bowl, piled high and dripping over the edges, I wondered where I might wash my hands...but never mind the scars of battle. On to the flavors!

Looking down at
Mill City Farmer's Market.

Downtown in background.
I knew immediately I wanted a scoop of rhubarb sorbet. Having grown up in the south where the ground doesn't get cold enough, rhubarb continues to feel like a special treat for me. Tangy and sweet, this icy scoop reminded me why. Next, I chose a scoop of cantaloupe-lime sorbet. The sour lime overshadowed almost any trace of the cantaloupe, but it was so blissfully refreshing I didn't care. My favorite of the bunch. And my final choice was crème brûlée. This flavor was eggy and rich, complete with some crunchy bits of burnt sugar, adding a touch of caramel flavor.

Luckily, the market isn't the only place to find Sonny's. They have a brick-and-mortar location and, according to Cafe Crema's website (which is far more informative about locations than Sonny's seemingly dormant website), Sonny's ice cream cart can also be found at the Kingfield Farmer's Market and downtown at 8th & Nicollet Mall "on sunny days."

View north from the Endless Bridge.
View looking northeast.

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