Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Minneapolis Ice Cream Week

View of downtown from a Metro platform.
I never thought I'd see the day Boston/Cambridge was dethroned from being my favorite destination for ice cream. But after eating my way through Minneapolis's ice cream gauntlet during a short stay this summer, I couldn't deny the numbers: four(!) blog-worthy frozen dessert distributors, each offering something different. I'll have to go back again (and again) and try each place many more times to authoritatively pick a favorite, but the easy answer is you can't lose.

This week I will celebrate Minneapolis as my new favorite ice cream destination with four entries:

Minneapolis: Ice Cream for the Parks
Minneapolis: Ice Cream from the Market
Minneapolis: Ice Cream Downtown
Minneapolis: Ice Cream Indoors

Minneapolis Sculpture Park.

From the top of Minnehaha Falls.

Target Field.
The park around Minnehaha Falls.

Minneapolis Sculpture Park.
Minnehaha Falls,
where the falls lead to
the Mississippi River.

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