Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cake is now obsolete.

I can think of no better way to celebrate my birthday than by waxing nostalgic about a certain cake-flavored ice cream.

A few summers ago, my dad and I went to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY as part of a week-long road trip. Just before our four hour stay at the Hall, my dad and I stopped for ice cream at a nearby roadside joint called Pop’s Place
. They featured Perry's Ice Cream , which I was unfamiliar with, since it is regional to New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Piece of Cake, a yellow cake ice cream with pieces of yellow cake and a chocolate marble frosting swirl, was such a fresh take on cake-inspired ice cream. Often these ice cream flavors have the same problem I find in their baked namesakes: frosting that is more sugary than tasty...and too much of it. Using the classic yellow cake as inspiration, this flavor may not have lots of pretty, bright colors, but accomplishes a refreshingly different ice cream experience. Who needs cake and ice cream? All you really need is Perry's Piece of Cake.

Though Piece of Cake is the only flavor of Perry’s Ice Cream I have had, their website advertises a number of interesting, even bizarre, flavors, including spicy cinnamon Fireball. Anybody else tried an interesting Perry’s ice cream flavor?


Emily said...

Um...delicious! If only I would've known, we could've had a pint packed in dry ice and flown on a Boeing 777 dreamliner for your birthday!

Soooo dreamy...

Brad's Mom said...

My dear son, NO ice-cream will ever replace your grandmomma's famous traditional chocolate cake with white icing birthday cake! Although, ice-cream does make a nice accompaniment, I would rather skip the ice-cream and have 2 pieces of cake!!!!!

John said...

Cake can be very delicious, but have you ever tried Green Frosted Squares? Imagine them with ice cream!!

We recently did some "thinking outside the box", and experimented with BLUE Frosted Squares, which were actually enhanced by the color change. World Class Chocolate Ice Cream, a Baskin-Robins flavor made from swirled white and milk chocolate would be an excellent accompaniment to Blue Frosting Squares.