Monday, October 29, 2007

“Wow! That’s Good?”

Jellyfish ice cream, ladies and gentlemen. It exists. Don’t believe me?

I have tried many strange flavors: black sesame, avocado, red bean, and jalapeño popper (a combination of cream cheese ice cream and pureed jalapeños, which I made). I’ve heard of wonderful gourmet explorations into garlic ice cream and I would gladly taste it, but have never seen it anywhere. (I confess, I am too chicken to make it myself.* Is it actually meant as dessert? Could it be a better option than a conventional ice cream flavor?) I love the adventure of trying a new flavor, no matter how strange. Sometimes flavors surprise you and are both weird and good.

But jellyfish ice cream? I’ve never known jellyfish to be consumed in any form, much less as something sweet to follow a big meal. Still, I think I’d rather eat a bowl of invertebrate ice cream than participate in the annual lutefisk-eating contest at the Ballard Seafood Festival.

Don’t know what lutefisk is? (Make sure you read the second paragraph of “Traces in literature.”) Lutefisk looks very much like fish apple sauce.

Have you heard of, tried, or made a strange flavor of ice cream?

NEXT TIME: A spooky Halloween Field Report on what might be the most horrifying ice cream flavor ever!!

*Note from 2012: I actually did make garlic ice cream once.

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