Monday, August 18, 2008

Nyce Ice in NYC

When I travel, I research ahead on the best local ice cream. I then print out a short list to consider more closely when I know where I will be staying and exploring. In New York City, if you crosscheck a few different lists to find the “Best Ice Cream,” you will find these names on all or most of those lists:

Who wouldn't be curious about Chinatown Ice Cream Factory's wide selection of flavors? Amongst all the exotic fruit flavors—including lychee!!!—I was surprisingly most impressed by their almond cookie ice cream. They also have wasabi ice cream some days, though sadly not the day I visited. Admit it: You want to go to Chinatown, but have no idea why. This will give you a destination to spend your money so you don’t blow all your cash on bootleg DVDs.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
may only have a couple flavors, but they remind you why plain vanilla and chocolate are still the best selling ice creams. When made right, you don’t need anything else…but I still chose double chocolate chip because who doesn’t like more chocolate? This is the one thing I would recommend this little two hour excursion to anyone going to New York City: ride the subway over to Brooklyn, walk to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and relax taking in the beautiful panoramic view of the lower Manhattan skyline while eating delicious ice cream, and then get your exercise by walking across the neighboring Brooklyn Bridge. (Top 20 to Visit)

My brother’s review, “New York, New York”:
“I had read that the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory can also have hour-long waits, but I was only in line for about 15 minutes. You could see the Statue of Liberty in the distance from their steps. I think they only had seven flavors of ice cream. I decided to get Vanilla Chocolate Chunk and Chocolate Chocolate Chunk in a bowl. My brother was right - as soon as I took my first bite of the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, I knew it was some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted. This wasn't your average grocery store chocolate ice cream - this was high quality stuff! …The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory gets a big seal of approval from me!

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