Thursday, September 25, 2008

America Deserves the TRUTH!***

With Halloween fast approaching, themed candy packages are appearing around the office. It made me realize a growing problem in America. Just as many voters are concerned with candidates spinning things with creative wording, I am concerned with candy spoiling things with creative wording.

“Fun Size?” Who do they think they’re kidding? Give the kids a smaller package of candy—LESS candy—and have the audacity to lie to children by telling them this bag and serving size is somehow more fun? If you believe that, I’ll write a check from the government for every tax-paying citizen and call it “Economic Stimulus.” One candy dish in the office has “Fun Size” Mini-Oreo packages, which unlike the typical Mini-Oreo package size contains exactly 6 mini Oreos. I estimate this is roughly the equivalent of one-and-a-half Oreo cookies. As a voter and Halloween enthusiast, I am appalled.

This Halloween, don’t let candy companies lie to children. Invest in the next generation. Invest in honesty. Buy full size candy bars for the children in your neighborhood.

I’m Brad and I approve this message.

***If you've decided you’re voting for Obama and want to work for the campaign, Travel for Change (an organization separate from Obama’s campaign) is offering to fly interested parties to swing states to help win the vote. If you can’t go, you can donate your frequent flyer miles.
Is every American you know registered to vote? Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to register.

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