Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Rita’s, one of my favorite chains, serves water ice, frozen custard and, the less popular, pretzels. Today, they began offering a new product. Just in time for International Brad Brubaker Day!

They already had the know-how to combine their two most popular products, ice and custard. In fact they do so in a variety of scientific ways. Their Gelati, a layer of custard with ice and topped off with more custard, is a scientific mixture, which means the individual parts are not chemically bonded and can therefore be separated. Their Blendini ™, however, mixes their custard and ice into a solution, meaning the parts cannot be separated without a chemical change. The Blendini also features a mix-in of Oreos or Necco Wafers.

But new scientific developments at Rita’s have created something even more fulfilling than my rehash of what I remember from middle school science class. Rita’s has added their pretzels to the mix. One can now order a Rita’s Blendini ™ with pretzels as a mix-in.

Note from 2012: I remember how excited I was to have a chewy pretzel in my dessert. The warm pretzels always won the "which one is not like the others?" game at Rita's. But, alas, the pretzels offered as a mix-in were the crunchy bagged variety. Still good, but not what I dreamed in this post.

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