Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Floats? Splits? A Jedi craves not these things.

Let me start by being open and honest about my feelings toward bananas.

In college, I started an emergency response team called ASOK (Alternative Sources of Potassium), comprised of people who, like me, could not stomach the thought of eating bananas. Unlike most foods, when a person openly admits their dislike of bananas, that person is ridiculed and mocked to no end. Fearing that banana bullies—people who mock anyone who doesn’t eat bananas—would one day try to legislate food preference, ASOK was formed. Do not get me wrong, though: I respect the rights of anyone who chooses to eat a banana split, so long as they do not belittle or—dare I say—persecute (!) others for not doing so. The point is I personally choose to never eat banana splits. Ever.

There are many varieties of ice cream concoctions: banana splits, elaborate sundaes, ice cream bars, ice cream cakes, and more. Another popular option is the float. I prefer the root beer float more as an ice cream flavor than I do its natural state of floatitude, as floats have always seemed too frothy for me. But I do enjoy the lime freeze at Doumar’s Drive-In in Norfolk, Virginia, a float that uses limeade with lime sherbet, instead of ice cream. (Stop in at Doumar’s for some southern BBQ, limeade, and dessert! A southeast Virginia classic!) I also enjoy the textural choice of using cookies and cream ice cream instead of vanilla in ice cream sandwiches, as made by novelty ice cream product makers like Lucerne Foods. But in all of these choices of ice cream concoctions, my favorite is the Chipwich.

A Chipwich is an ice cream sandwich that uses two large chocolate chip cookies as the “bread” instead of the standard chocolate rectangle things. (What are those things anyway, besides tasty?) I remember eating these at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg growing up. The ice cream edges were coated in chocolate chips and the sandwich was so big taking a bite was a challenge. The product has an interesting story, too.

Aside from a simple dish or cone of ice cream, what is your favorite ice cream concoction? Milkshakes don’t count either. Water : ice :: milkshake : ice cream.


Brent said...

the blizzard is still a wonderful concoction that i enjoy immensely, but it's increasingly hard to get it with reese's pieces, which is upsetting.

Lynn said...

I believe that although, this will count as a flavor of ice cream, it should also count as a concoction. Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby. This ice cream is a blend of chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, pretzels, vanilla malt ice cream, with a swirl of fudge, and a swirl of peanut butter. It is a perfect blend of salty and sweet, making it highly probable that once you open the pint, you will finish the pint. That is my two cents on ice cream. I support ice cream snobbery! Down with dryers and all of the other cheap icecream (just my opinion).

Emily said...

whoa! what is this hatin' on the root beer float? the texture and frothiness are, in my opinion, the REASON to have one of these delicious, god-sent beverage/confections!

i love the crystalization of the ice cream. soooo goood!

side note: have you ever added milk to your ice cream? the winterbottoms do it - achieves the same fabulous crystalized texture. weird but great!