Friday, September 28, 2007

I am a failure.

Here at Marisa’s Ice Cream, I try to report breaking news, bringing critical information to my beautiful fans with a quick turnaround. But I have let you down. The following is my stirring coverage on an item that may be old hat for some, but I only recently learned about on the Theo Chocolate Factory tour. My sincerest apologies. Now, without further ado...To quote a popular, oft forwarded, email: “Read this slowly and let it sink in in.”

Chocolate might soon be a regular ingredient in toothpaste.

Well, maybe not chocolate, but cacao is being considered. So long as it is not full of sugar, it seems cacao, the bean that is crushed in order to create chocolate, is actually good for teeth. I learned all this and more at the chocolate factory. A detailed report of this experience will appear in a future post.

“Chocolate toothpaste? I still don’t believe you.” Then read on, my skeptical friend, read on. It is already being sold in some countries.

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Emily said...

So ahead of the curve, Brad. Sooo ahead of the curve.