Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Like an Ouroboros in your mouth…

The discontinued flavor. The one that got away.

My brother still sheds a tear at the thought of a certain long lost castaway: Aloha Macadamia (Ben & Jerry’s). My uncle has an empty space in his heart (and plate) each birthday when he does not get his High’s Banana ice cream. And I still wear black in mourning of the tragic loss of Ben and Jerry’s Pulp Addiction™.

Ahhh, Pulp Addiction™. Such a fine mixture of chocolate ice cream and orange sherbet. What made this flavor stick out was that, unlike chocolate/orange combinations in other desserts, the orange was much more than a subtle hint. Utilizing real orange puree, the flavor cut through the chocolate, causing the flavors to do battle itself inside your mouth until they seem to be swallowing one another, like an Ouroboros in your mouth.

Do you have a favorite flavor that is no longer available? Whether it’s one that is no longer offered at your favorite scoop shop or one that was that got beaten down by the man, I invite you to leave a comment about it.

If your flavor is Ben and Jerry’s, you can even fill out a form to resurrect the flavor! The form has a scroll down list of all their discontinued flavors.

UPDATE: Sometimes they do come back. Due to popular demand, Ben & Jerry's re-released Oatmeal Cookie Chunk after discontinuing it. So fill out the form asking them to bring back your favorite flavor. Wouldn't hurt to wish upon a star, too.

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Andrew Hamm said...

I mourn the long, slow fade of frozen yogurt in general. It seems like all I can buy is light, fat-free, no-sugar added ice cream when I want some frozen yogurt. Of course, back in the day when I was a kid you could buy "Ice Milk"...

I actually preferred Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia yogurt above the ice cream. It was a little less rich; a little easier to eat.

this is, of course, all heresy to ice cream purists. I fully expect Brad to ban me from this site forever.