Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Welcome to Marisa's Ice Cream!

I don’t claim to know the most about ice cream, but in my age bracket I’ve gotta be in the 93rd percentile. And since no rewards, scholarships, or grants are given for this, I have taken the next logical step: I have started a blog.

Marisa’s Ice Cream is officially open for business. While the focus of this blog will be frozen dairy products (ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, and otherwise), I will neither limit myself, nor those who post comments, to this particular species of dessert. I want to know the best places for doughnuts and pies, too. I’m not sure there will be much interesting subject matter for vegans here, but if you dig Tofutti Cuties and want to shout it, I’m here to listen.

I will post ice cream flavor reviews, pose questions asking readers to share their favorite scoop shops, discuss ice cream making methods, and occasionally search for the meaning of life itself through ice cream-tinted lenses. I will also feature Field Reports from guest bloggers to enlighten us all. Heck, if you send me a question on the subject of dessert—and if I find it interesting enough to research—I’ll work it in.

Keep it positive!

Note from 2012: The blog was called Marisa's Ice Cream for the first few years until enough people let me know it was confusing. The name referenced this event in my life.

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Andrew Hamm said...

This is the most important blog in the history of the world.