Monday, October 13, 2008

Field Report: Tasmania, Australia

My new friend Emma has not only shared chocolate with me but has also written a Field Report. She told me she would happily review Tasmanian ice cream, but that the best homemade ice cream in Tasmania actually comes from her kitchen! Without further ado, the blog’s second international* Field Report, this time from the island of Tasmania:

The best place for ice cream in Hobart (capital of Tasmania) is Mures, though I think this is more because of the location—by the water at the docks—than the ice cream itself! The more adventurous flavours are liquorish and bubblegum but the BEST are bacio gelati (creamy chocolatey hazelnut goodness) and classic Blue Ribbon Vanilla. Blue Ribbon vanilla is made with buttermilk so it has a unique flavour. Vanilla is not always a boring choice!

If you are up for a road trip, Kate's Berry Farm
is a must. They pick their own berries and make their own ice cream and there are fields of strawberries to prove it. A sampler of every single flavour shared between two will leave even those with the most insatiable appetites satisfied.

If you are traveling even further, Andy's Gelato in Westbury (population 1,300) is superior to both Mures and Kate's Berry Farm. Their hazelnut and pistachio gelato—I'm a sucker for nuts!—rival even those I've tasted in Venice! I have no idea how the shop keeps running in such a small town. I can only assume every single member of the township is a regular!

*Back in America, a very important election is coming up. If you've decided you’re voting for Obama and want to work for the campaign, Travel for Change (an organization separate from Obama’s campaign) is offering to fly interested parties to swing states to help win the vote. If you can’t go, you can donate your frequent flyer miles.

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