Friday, October 31, 2008

The Milk of a Cow, The Grease of a Pig…

Bacon ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly. But for more gut-wrenching horror***, read on.

To most citizens of Planet Earth, this flavor sounds like something of nightmares, something a witch would come up with, terrifying children before throwing them in her boiling cauldron. But there are other members of our species that think this is a great idea. I work with some folks who are of this breed. (This is their Bible, or Necronomicon, or whatever, which hangs on one of the refrigerators at my workplace.)

It seems bacon culture is large enough that David Lebowitx, inventor of candied bacon ice cream, is not the only one experimenting with the sweet possibilities of pork bellies. There is a company, Vosges, who manufacture chocolate with bacon in it. For those gourmets out there, I found a recipe.

Happy Halloween!

***You know what’s even more horrible? Not voting in the upcoming election! Please encourage those around you to vote. Can we do that? Yes, we can!

Note from 2012:This entry is a bit dated. Today, mixing bacon with pretty much anything is being considered haute cuisine. I've eaten and enjoyed Mo's Dark Bacon Bar by Vosges, but, even after trying several varieties, I am yet to actually enjoy bacon in any frozen product.


Brian said...

When ESPN College Football Gameday was at the Oklahoma vs. Texas game, they ate chicken fried bacon. I would definitely try that, but I'm not sure about Bacon Ice seems like bacon should be hot.

Brad said...

Even scarier than pork barrel spending! Ha ha!