Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting with Dollars!***

On this blog I have discussed many hot button issues: discontinued ice cream flavors, new ice cream flavors, limited edition ice cream flavors, and "ice cream ethics". And with campaign season in full gear, I can’t help but think that there is a lesson to be learned.

To oversimplify (as I do with any subject inferior to that of ice cream): What powers a country is its economy. What powers the economy is the exchange of money. It is our duty as Americans to purchase products we value, spending our money (compensation for our own hard work) on what we most value. If you support small business politics, support small businesses. It can be more expensive than big box stores, but choosing the best bargain speaks much louder than what your vote might say. If you are pro-human rights, make an effort to not buy sweatshop products. once again, more expensive, but where you spend your money is the true story of your political stance.

That being said, the past twelve months have seen the passing of some ice cream greats once available in the grocery store:

Some of you have not been doing your part to move the economy in the most meaningful way: the purchase of ice cream. And if you're not buying it in the grocery stores, I worry you're not going out to your local scoop shops either! After you vote next week, reward yourself by spending your hard-earned money on a fine ice cream product. And for those of you who might be concerned, buying Häagen-Dazs is buying American.

***In all seriousness, wouldn't it be sweet if we had a President we could be proud of? A President that would redeem America's reputation in much of the world? Put your money where your mouth is: Give to Obama's Campaign. Your gift will be matched, doubling its impact!

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